ULV 1200 Electric
ULV 1200 Electric
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ULV 1200 Electric is a water based solutions, vehicle mounted spraying machine.

It has 50 hours non-stop working capacity.

ULV Back Up system; during pesticiding even if you face with a technical problem (ie: when remote control does not function). WhiteFog designed a back up plan for you. The second MANUEL starting system of ULVs let user to keep the work even under technical starting problem.

WhiteFog’s all time priority is the the happiness and satisfaction of the customer which is our difference!

WhiteFog made it simple for you; to keep the maintenance easy for allowing easy reparation all around the world. Briefly, WhiteFog means no maintenance problem. The reason why clients and customers prefer WhiteFog fogging machines is because of it’s highest quality and problem free machines.

1 Year warranted, 10 year spare part keeping guarantee.

Ministry of Agriculture, Test Reports exist on droplets size measurement.

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